Common reptiles such as common lizard, slow worm, grass snake and adder occur in a variety of habitats. They are all legally protected from reckless killing and injury which means it is important to determine their presence or absence from a site, prior to any works commencing.

Presence/absence survey– Surveys are usually carried out by utilising artificial refugia; sections of corrugated bitumen, roofing felt or metal, placed in suitable reptile habitat. Being cold blooded, reptiles once used to these objects,  will use them to assist in raising their body temperature so that they can become active.  A series of survey visits are then required during specific weather conditions to determine the presence or absence of certain species.

Translocation – Should reptiles be  found to be present and if there is no alternative but to move them off site to a receptor site, a translocation exercise will be required.

Sonar Ecology can assist in all stages of this process contact us to find out more. Click the Survey Timetable link for the right time to undertake such surveys.

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