There are times when a detailed Phase 1 Habitat Survey may not required for a project, yet information on what is on site,and the potential risks to the client is needed to inform, for example,  initial master planning options or to inform the client at the pre-purchase stages.

In these instances Sonar Ecology are able to conduct an Ecological Scoping Survey supported by a detailed ecological desk study to provide information on potential constraints and opportunties for the specific project. The scoping survey broadly follows Phase 1 Habitat Survey guidelines but results in a report which aims to inform the client on potential ecological constraints based on a site walkover survey, and outlines likely opportunities for development, master planning and the integration of biodiversity and habitats, rather than  a more detailed assessment and mapping of existing habitats and baseline conditions which you get with a Phase 1 Habitat Survey.

Please contact us if you want to discuss which type of assessment you require.

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